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4 Secrets Of Eradicating Baggy Eyes - Simple Options That Work

Everyone in the world is getting older each day and while that is a fact of life, some of the changes that happen in an aging body can be delayed or even removed. One of the most visible changes that happens to people as they get older is that facial skin texture becomes thinner and also loses elasticity because of decreased production of collagen by the body. This causes wrinkle formation and loose skin to appear and one of the most aging of these are the bags of fluid filled skin that could form around the eyes.

Eye bags tend to be caused by the genes that a person has inherited from their parents and can also be a sign of a more serious health ailment such as a thyroid or kidney medical condition. A persons lifestyle could also have a great effect on the creation of baggy eyes. An improper diet that does not contain enough nourishment can lead to skin problems and baggy eyes and so can eating a high sodium diet that causes water retention in your body. Smoking, alcohol consumption and late nights without adequate sleep can all contribute to baggy eyes.

1. Good Habits to Remove Baggy Eyes - There are many baggy eye remedies that will help to get rid of or reduce the problem. However, the first thing that people need to do is ensure that they are getting adequate sleep on a regular basis and that they don't smoke or drink too much alcohol. A diet that has good nutrition must have a lot of food items that contain antioxidants and fatty acids that are needed by the body to maintain skin healthy. These foods include oily fish, products made of whole grains and fresh vegetables. Additionally it is recommended that a multivitamin, mineral and essential nutrient health supplement be taken daily.

2. Cold Packs Reduce Baggy Eyes - Cold compresses used on the eye area are very effective at reducing puffiness and are a recommended one of the baggy eyes remedies. Almost any object can be used as an eye pack from frozen cloths to spoons that have been left inside the fridge. A traditional folk therapy for baggy eyes is to place slices of chilled cucumber over the eyes for 15 minutes or so. The recent scientific finding that green tea has an ingredient that works as an anti-inflammatory has made chilled green tea bags a preferred choice as an eye bag therapy to reduce the size of swellings around the eyes.

3. Cosmetic Fillers For Baggy Eyes - Injectable muscle relaxants and dermal cosmetic fillers are effective long term baggy eyes remedies and last a lot longer than the holistic folk remedies. Muscle relaxants when injected into the skin, work to relieve tension in the connecting tissues under the skin, smoothing out the skin layers and reducing bags. Dermal fillers plump out the indentations under the skin layers around the eyes to eliminate eye bags. A lot of cosmetic fillers are made of harmless, natural proteins like collagen. These procedures can remove eye bags for a year or more.

4. Surgical Baggy Eye Removal - The only permanent forms of baggy eyes remedies are the various surgical procedures that can be performed . The traditional form of eye surgery to get rid of eye bags and wrinkles is known as blepharoplasty and works by inserting a small probe into fat around the eyes and liquefying it. Any loose skin is then tucked with surgical stitches. Many kinds of laser surgery are now becoming popular as one of the baggy eyes remedies because they leave a lesser amount of scarring and they recovery is faster.

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4 Secrets Of Eradicating Baggy Eyes - Simple Options That Work
How a person lives their live can also have a big impact on skin health and baggy eye creation. A poor diet which is deficient in nutrition can cause skin problems and so can eating a large amount of salt.

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