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A Quick Guide To Surgical And Homeopathic Varicose Vein Cures

Homeopathic varicose vein cures and treatments include vitamins, natural herbs and compounds and circulatory assistance like compression stockings. When these items are used alone, or in combination with other treatments, people often experience relief from mild to moderate varicose vein aches and tenderness with these methods.

Typical Medical Treatments

A number of medical procedures are routinely used to cure varicose veins; the most prevalent are varicose vein ligation, sclerotherapy, laser treatment, and radio frequency treatment. Aside from sclerotherapy, all of these treatments consist of cutting the vein and either removing the damaged section of the vein, tying it off or cauterizing it or reconnecting it to promote natural blood flow.

The difference in each of the varicose vein cures is the delivery method of the incision, with vein ligation considered the most traditional surgery. Laser procedures and radio frequency treatments consist of methods that are basically described by the devices used to make the incision and cauterize the incision site. Some methods make such tiny incisions that no stitches are required while others employ several techniques, so check with your physician as to which is most suitable for you.

An Ounce of Prevention

Prevention, as the name suggests, is the most definitive way to eliminate the need for varicose vein remedies by cutting down on the occurrence rate to begin with. You can help circumvent varicose veins by eating a well balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and avoiding periods of prolonged sitting or standing. A well balanced diet should include vitamin rich foods such as broccoli, spinach and other deep-colored green or red leafed vegetables, mango, carrots, papaya, kiwi, bananas, eggs, lean meats, fish, healthy fats and nuts. The overall diet should also be low in sodium and fat, but include generous amounts of fiber.

Many varicose vein cures have a good success rate, with 85-90% of patients enjoying a full recovery without complications. Varicose vein cure regimens that involve compression only have also been said to have quite respectable success rates at between 60-75%.

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