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Agricultural Companies Enjoy A Unique Solar Panel Systems Lease Program Via A Special Agricultural Program.

An amazing agricultural program is encouraging businesses deriving a minimum of 5% of their annual gross earnings to pursue solar farming via a special lease program.

With a recommended minimum of five acres of property the agricultural landowner or corporation can install a solar farm to sell electrical power back to the utility. Installations up to three MW are usually exempt from long permitting processes. In many counties the permitting system is over the counter for installations that are less in comparison with three MW of solar farm.

The land produces the most electric power when it consists of a clear view of the horizon and no obstructions to cause shading. Many ridgelines which are otherwise empty or fallow acreage are perfect for dual axis tracking methods. The ridgeline frequently receives the first light of the day and also the last light of the evening allowing them to create one of the most energy possible.

For dual axis monitoring methods you can count on approximately 8 acres per MW. Single axis and fixed mount systems need 5 to 6 acres per MW. If you've 24 to 30 acres Commercial Solar Design can style a system just under 3 MW and demonstrate what a fantastic investment the solar farm could be for the company or estate.

When deciding on whether or not to install a solar farm collect the specifics you require to get a basic concept of how much electricity you can produce in your area. Over cast or foggy places may yield less power than sunny places even so the economics can still possibly be positive. A great number of counties that you might think aren't prime spots can really produce appreciable amounts of power from a solar farm. Commercial Solar Design is able to do the solar farm engineering to determine what your land's expected output would be.

In case you choose a dual axis tracking solar panel array much of the plant life can remain on the acreage. Fixed mount and single axis usually require the land to be cleared. The dual axis monitoring solar system plant life should be maintained so as not to obstruct the mechanism of the solar panels or produce shading on the solar power systems.

Dual axis monitoring solar panels also produce as much as 30% increased electrical power per year as compared with fixed systems. So not only are dual axis trackers a lot more environmentally friendly, they create a lot more power which yields more income.

A solar farming lease is often the most effective solution for the agricultural or commercial organization. Leases within the solar financing industry provides you with the greatest rates. A solar farm lease will allow you to own your own power generation in a decade, and throughout the term of the lease, you will be cash flow positive.

10-year original lease term

In the tenth year a predetermined 20% investment option becomes offered

Your present lines of credit is going to be unaffected by an off-balance-sheet operating lease

Fixed escalator for the time frame

Income due to a long term utility electrical power sales contract is based on solar system output

Solar farm leasing can be described as an effective choice to earn income on otherwise non income producing acreage

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