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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Stainless-Steel Pots And Pans And Maintenance Suggestions

What is Stainless Steel Cooking equipment?

Stainless-steel is an alloy or a mixture of metals, normally, iron with chromium or nickel. The addition of Chromium provides rust protection and give the stainless steel cookware durability. Nickel provides erosion protection and also provides a polished look to the cookware.

Advantages of stainless steel cookware are:

Toughness -

Stainless steel is very hard. It will not spot, corrode or even chip, at least easily. Stainless is dent and scratch resistant, making it difficult to wreck.

Flavor Preservation -

A stainless steel pans is not as likely to leach its own metallic properties into your food. This means it doe not have an effect on the flavor quality of your food. Additionally, there is little or no risk of the material coming off to your meal.

Heat Transfer -

When a quality stainless steel cookware set is made, copper is included in its base to enhance its ability to transfer heat correctly. This ensures equal cooking of your meals.

Appearance -

Stainless steel sets are pretty and it is easy to maintain their look. The mirror like finish only needs a delicate wiping to bring their immaculate condition back.

Recyclable -

They are generally recyclable. If a stainless steel pan is not destroyed it can be salvaged and be used again. This makes stainless steel preferred to individuals who are concerned with environment conservation.

Cons of stainless steel cookware

Poor Heat Displacement -

Unless they are bonded with copper or aluminum bottom, their heat conductivity is relatively poor.

Pricing -

The best stainless cookware may be more costly. However, a good stainless cookware set can last a life time. People do consider this as an investment.

Salt exposure -

Salt water can result in damage on the stainless-steel pots and pans by causing pitting.

How to clean stainless steel cookware: appropriate care for your cookware

Though stainless steel is a hard metal, some care is needed when washing stainless steel pans or pots.

Use a sponge -

Whenever cleaning stainless steel, a sponge or a soft wash cloth is the most beneficial tool for the job. Moisten it first. Then use a sponge and a mild detergent to wipe away any grease or food debris. Do not use abrasive cleaner on it, because they will leave some marks on the surface of stainless-steel cookware.

Make use of vinegar to get rid of calcium -

If you spot chalky or white spots on the pan, it is due to the calcium residue. Soak it in vinegar, and clean it up well with a sponge and a mild detergent.

Polish with a paste of water and baking soda -

In order to polish the stainless steel pan so that the pan gleams, create a little paste of baking soda and luke warm water. Rub it on the pan with a soft cloth carefully, and then clean it using warm water.

Do not use harsh chemicals -

Ammonia and harsh cleaning chemicals can discolor or even damage the stainless steel pan. Use organic cleaners like baking soda or vinegar, or mild detergent. Never use other kinds of cleaning agents on the stainless-steel pan.

With proper care and cleaning, stainless steel cookware sets can offer years of service in the kitchen.

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