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Built In Microwave Can Easily Save Kitchen Space

Kitchens come in all different shapes and sizes depending on your living arrangements. Although a large, spacious and stylish kitchen would be suitable, many people have to cope with the space they have.

I live in a rented house with a very small kitchen and I acknowledge all the space that I can get. The counters are small and we do not even have a dishwasher. The old microwave oven I had previously consumed vital countertop space and its presence in the kitchen made the space cramped and hard to work with. It was a highly inefficient and unattractive wood paneled model from the late 1980s.

I wished a completely new microwave for a long time but waited to determine if there was a way to maximize space without getting a tiny cheap model. The solution to this problem ended up to be very simple, after I looked into built in microwave ovens in the weekly Sunday sale papers. After some price assessment and a short trip to the store, I bought a built in microwave 24" model.

I chose that particular model to ensure it would be able to suit over the stove and maximize the amount of space I could spare. Once I removed the old small and underutilized cabinet over the stove, I was able to easily install my built in microwave myself. Since the purchase and installation of the new built in microwave, there is more clean and comfy space in the kitchen.

I would highly suggest investing the small amount of time it took me to buy and install my built in microwave. However, if you do want to take up a project such as this, research the best prices on the internet or in sale ads and make sure the built in microwave is the right size for your kitchen.

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