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Cross Country Skiing Is More Than You Think Of It - It Is Great Work-Out With A Good Story

Humans have been traveling around on skis since pre-historic times, combining this with hunting animals for sustenance. Nordic skiing, other-wise known as cross country skiing originated in Scandinavia & is still a common modes of transportation in Finland, Sweden & Norway. It is an increasingly popular diversionary pursuit and way of exercising & getting rid of fat, and there are numerous competitions for the serious sports skier.

There are different strategies used in the sport & quite a few different events, such as sprint, relay & pursuit. Races take place over diverse distances, including long-distance cross country skiing known as Ski Marathons. The longest distance of these happenings, at 160 km, is the Canadian Ski Marathon. I imagine skiing that distance must help you get rid of fat! There are global competitions & a World Cup.

The sport has been included in with the Winter Olympics since 1924 for men and since 1952 for ladies. The Biathlon, a combination of Nordic skiing & rifle shooting, has featured in the Olympics since 1960. Norway leads the group of most medals that have been gained in the Nordic grouping. Armies for example the Finnish Army train their soldiers to ski and many winners in the sport belong to the military.

This type of skiing, even more so than down-hill skiing, requires a good fitness level and stamina. Most leisure skiers follow trails, some-times traveling farther afield and camping out. Some more practiced skiers ski off track in what's referred to as back-country skiing. In addition to helping to stay fit, cross country snow-skiing is a great way of seeing stunning scenery that wouldn't be accessible in any other way.

Nordic skiing is an amusing activity for all the family. If you are wondering how to get rid of fat, not only for your-self but for your children, this is a great solution. Children can ski from an incredibly young age or parents can tow them on sleds. Resorts will give facts on trails that are suitable for young people or beginners. It's also advisable for anyone not in tip top condition, to seek advice on how to build up muscle & endurance before embarking on cross country skiing vacations.

The correct garments & apparatus is crucial for an enjoyable vacation. Skis must be properly waxed and maintained. Choosing suitable clothing is also imperative. Visibly, temps can get pretty cold but workouts can make skiers too warm. The clothes need to be warm & waterproof but allow for breathability & not restrict motion. Gloves, which can be purchased specifically for the sport & hats, are imperative. The head & hands lose a lot of heat from the body & must be protected.

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