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Effectual Removal Of Stretch Marks - 5 Suggested Treatment Options

Many people, men and women alike, have stretch marks. These marks can develop due to a number of reasons such as pregnancy, drastic weight loss/gain, growth spurt and exercise. Stretch marks tend to be very unsightly and if you find yourself suffering from unnecessary embarrassment when wearing swimwear or unnatural self-consciousness with your own skin, then it's about time that you take proper action to get rid of those horrific marks immediately. This article will show you the best stretch mark removal remedies so you can finally have that most desired scar-free, flawless skin.

1. Natural Home Remedy

If you'd rather avoid any surgical procedure or cosmetic treatment, you can resort to natural home remedies to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. To make a natural stretch mark body scrub, just prepare the following ingredients: Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E cream, Cold liver oil, Olive oil and sugar. Mix these ingredients together and gently apply unto your skin. This serves as an exfoliating procedure to get rid of dead cells and amplify blood flow. Sugar serves as a natural form of glycolic acid which effectively tones and smoothens the skin while the natural oils are great skin softeners and stretch mark removers.

2. Ointments and Lotions

A lot of women have tested and proven the performance of certain lotions and moisturizers as stretch mark remedies. Through steady use of the right lotions, stretch marks can be diminished considerably. Specially formulated anti-stretch mark creams include alpha hydroxy acid which helps in exfoliating skin cells to allow the growth of new skin cells. Removal of stretch marks with the use of creams and lotions isn't an overnight solution though. They must be used continually for a certain length of time in order to attain favorable results. As a general rule, search for creams and lotions that comprise natural ingredients and formulated with vitamin AHA in addition to vitamins A, C and E.

3. Ample Hydration

Stay hydrated. Keeping yourself sufficiently hydrated and moisturized is the key to getting rid of those scars. If you're putting on the aforementioned two stretch mark removal remedies, then it's best to pair them with sufficient hydration and proper diet. Drink around 8-12 glasses of clean water daily. Water is a basic necessity of our body and it helps hydrate the skin tissues to regenerate collagen, hence reducing the visibility of stretch marks.

4. Proper Diet

Considering that stretch marks result from damaged skin, you can have better chances at getting rid of these marks if you have a healthier skin. Eat foods filled with vitamins A, C, D and E, and zinc. Some skin friendly foods are fish, nuts, eggs, dairy products and also citrus fruits.

5. Laser Treatment and Cosmetic Surgery

Laser treatment is apparently an expensive option and it can also involve moderate pain. However, this type of treatment is confirmed to decrease the visibility of stretch marks for a lot of sufferers. It may significantly improve the skin's tone and texture. Other cosmetic procedures are dermabrasion, chemical peels and surgical removal/tummy tuck. Although these operations are claimed to be efficient, they are relatively high priced and a bit risky so it's recommended to try first the other stretch mark removal remedies before choosing surgery as a last resort.

Effectual Removal Of Stretch Marks - 5 Suggested Treatment Options
Many people, men and women alike, have stretch marks. These marks can develop due to a number of reasons such as pregnancy, drastic weight loss/gain, growth spurt and exercise.

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