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Fake Wedding Cake Designs And Styles - Superb Cake That Is Actually Entirely Fake!

The thought of spending $1000, or perhaps $2000, on a fantastically embellished cake -- knowing full well that it may be wolfed before it can even be fully appreciated -- won't sit well with most. Luckily though, there is a method to smoothly avoid this rather substantial inconvenience and get your wedding cake's designs created exactly as you see fit, without costing a fortune either. Just how, you ask? Simple, with a rented, fake wedding cake!

Before you suppose that this is a faulty idea and the quests will know straightaway, you ought to know that the cake will be 100% real in their eyes. To start with, it won't be plastic, and second, it WILL be cut during the ceremony for all to see. How are the listed 2 feats completed without any body finding out? Simple, real fondant icing is used with the designs on the wedding cake and a single REAL piece of cake (sheet cake typically) is hidden in a secret compartment that only you and your husband (or wife) learn about.

The full time before the wedding cake is cut, your guests will be fooled into thinking it is 100% real, as it appears and even FEELS that way -- even though the truth is that its filled with cheap styrofoam. When the time comes, you & your partner will split the cake as normal and not a single person will be the wiser because of the wedding cake held in the secret compartment. It will then be taken away to be "cut & served" for the guests, as far they know anyways. The real wedding cake for the quests could possibly be extremely reasonably cheap, yet particularly tasty, sheet cake. The rented, fake wedding cake will be packed away then shipped back at a later date.

Imagine what you could do with savings of $1500 or more through fake cake that has your dream wedding cakes layouts. Your money could go toward that perfect wedding dress, it could pay for a large chunk of the food & drinks bill, it could help with the location rental, or it could be used for honeymoon expenditure!

With this cheap, hassle-free choice available to you, it's not just foolish to purchase a custom cake with the best wedding cakes designs, it's certainly crazy!

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