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Few Items Which Could Make Your Business Correspondence Simpler: Sample Company Notice

Today we would like to attract your focus to business correspondence and to show you some sample business letter. After reading through our article with the visual examples you may better learn how to write business letters.

1. Letter to the customers.

Example # 1


Some time ago you said that you have started to make use of our product. Do you have any inquiries? Have you faced any problems when using our product? We will appreciate the opinions of our consumers. So we are happy to assist you in any kind of difficulties and answer your queries.


2. A letter to the customers concerning the change of street address (pay attention to this sample business letter - it is utilized very often).

Illustration # 2.


On the address and contact number of the main office of have been changed.

The new address is.

New phone and also fax numbers -.

Best regards,

Illustration # 3.


Critical information! Please note that from all business units of the company are employed in the new office on. Note that alterations of the number of multi-channel phone also have taken place.

Please pay attention! Because of the relocation, some failures of the e-mail connection are possible. If you have not received the reply to your request, please call the reception on the telephone.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you in our recent office!


3. Letter to possible client.

Letter # 4.


Some time ago we have tried to call you concerning our product that you were interested in before. Unfortunately, we still have never received a response to our letters. Kindly let us know in case you are interested in having additional information. We will be glad to answer all of your questions.

Looking forward to effective cooperation,

Letter # 5:


A short while ago you supposed to buy our product, but could not complete the purchase procedure. Would you explain the reason? Can our company do something to help you to decide? If you have any questions concerning the product you are looking at, our team will be glad to answer them.


4. A letter of apology to the customer.

Example # 6.


On on account of power cuts in the house on from <...> to <...> hours, customer service support was interrupted. Currently all problems are solved and the organization is functioning as usual.

We ask for forgiveness.

Best regards,

Using sample business letter is a good way to lessen time which you spend on your day to day business correspondence and we hope in this article you have found what you were looking for.

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