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For A Safe, Trusted, Very Affordable Car, Search Absolutely No Further Than The 2010 Ford Focus

Behind the wheel in the 2010 Ford Focus, you'll likely be pleased with the fairly quiet and smooth ride quality. This 2010 Ford Focus is available as a sedan in S, SE, SEL, as well as SES trim levels, or as a coupe in SE and SES decor. Both the sedan and coupe feature a variety of attractive options.

The 2010 Ford Focus SES consists of a number of standard features not available on the lower-end Focus trims, which include a leather-wrapped slant steering wheel, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, a performance instrument cluster, metallic trim around the instrument compartment, and ambient lighting having a choice of seven interior shades, which brighten up the front and back foot wells, as well as the console cupholders.

The 2010 Ford Focus Coupe is not specifically the fastest or most powerful car within its segment, but it does indeed get good gas kilometers to make up for that. With a 2.-liter engine having only four cylinders, you won't be screeching away from the stop lights nevertheless you will be able to get 24 miles to the gallon in the city and upwards of 35 miles per gallon on the freeways. You could choose between a five-speed manually operated transmission which comes standard on the 2010 Ford Focus Coupe or maybe you can choose the four-speed fully automatic which is an option.

In government crash tests, the 2010 Ford Focus sedan earned four stars (of a possible five) for its proper protection of front occupants in head-on accidents. For frontal collision test ratings the 2010 Ford Focus received a 4 star score, while side impact testing received a perfect score. You can search the internet and find 2010 Ford Focus reviews that include specifics from road tests and test drives, automobile interior and style, and exterior.

It doesn't get much better for the money than the 2010 Ford Focus Coupe. If you are looking for a small affordable car, the 2010 Ford Focus Coupe is a great option for your needs.

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