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Guidelines For Selecting The Best Wedding Cake Styles - Four Important Things To Take Into Account

A great wedding is not complete unless there's a great wedding cake. That said, make sure you put sincere thinking into your wedding cakes designs & decorations. Additionally, keep in mind that you won't have to spend a fortune to get a cake that looks and tastes wonderful -- because of this, don't worry about the cost when contemplating ideas for your wedding cakes designs.

Colors of the Cake...

You do know that the wedding cake can be a color OTHER than white, right? If you didn't, surely, you do now. With that being said, consider picking something a bit different from the traditional white. You could choose colors that match the theme of your wedding event OR you can very well be wholly original and serve a green, pink, or even orange wedding cake. Remember, being original -- NOT traditional -- is always more fun.

Shape of the Cake...

An additional variable which could greatly increase originality is shape. Rather than the typical round wedding cake, the bride & groom can opt for a cake that is: square, rectangle, oval, heart shaped, custom-made, small, or any combination thereof. Any size, any shape, you name it, the pastry chef can probably do it.

Decorations of the Cake...

You will find thousands upon thousands of various means to decorate a wedding cake. The best way to get ideas for specific wedding cake decorations would be to leaf through magazines and "wedding cakes designs" websites in order to get a few rough techniques. After taking a look at a few pictures, you should have an excellent idea (if you don't already) of what you desire your cake to look like.

Icings of the Cake...

Amazingly, the icing pick will play a large role in the decorations and designs your cake can & can't have. Certain types of icing may be needed in order to design more detailed wedding cake designs. However, if you're thinking about a very simple cake with basic designs, well, then you can choose whatever you wish. Your options for frosting are: butter cream, marzipan, royal icing, fondant, and vanilla pastry cream.

These are some of the significant considerations for choosing great wedding cake designs. Finding the ultimate wedding cake might appear like a daunting task at first, however with a little patience as well as a great idea or two, it'll be a whole lot less difficult compared to you think.

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