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Headache Pain And Stiff Neck - 5 Quick Treatments That Actually Work

Have you ever experienced a stiff neck and headache simultaneously? Well, you are not alone. There are actually a few thousands of individuals who have experienced having the two issues in one, and often wonder how the two are connected.

A stiff neck normally results from bad posture with stress, exercise, having your head turned in one direction for too long, as well as not enough pillow support when you are sleeping. Having a stiff neck which won't go away can definitely cause a headache, whatever way you analyze it. Hence, the first thing you will have to do is work on sorting out your stiff neck, and headache healing will eventually come -- almost immediately to be frank.

5 Quick Remedies for Headaches and a Stiff Neck...

- Self Massage - You are the only one who would know where the pain or stiffness in the neck resides. Give yourself a massage during the course of the day and you'll feel it coming back to normal bit by bit. If you have a loved one that will do this for you, that's even better.

- Apply Heat - Applying some heat to the neck is good for pain relief in that specific area, which subsequently helps to ease the overall amount of headache.

- Acupressure - Making contact with the pressure points in the head and neck is a good method of eliminating the stiff neck and headaches pain you suffer from. By targeting the nerves, you will begin to feel relief at once, if not almost instantly.

- Correct Your Posture - Whenever you are behind a desk, try to focus on having good posture so you do not end up with a stiff neck and headache.

- Stretching Exercises - Spend several minutes each and every day stretching the neck, back and limbs so they are always relaxed and would not stiffen up and cause a headache.

There is certainly a connection between a stiff neck and headache. Thus, the quicker you sort out your stiff neck issues, the faster your headache will go away and stay away.

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