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How To Eliminate Pimples On Your Back - 3 Great Types Of Treatment

For those of us who are suffering from harsh back acne, it can be sort of a mixed blessing. It's nice that it's in a spot that others can't view, nonetheless it still causes the same skin irritations and itching that all acne does. The additional challenge is being able to reach the problems areas on your back without assistance, which can become very frustrating. So, here are 3 natural cures for handling back acne, plus the best way to using them:

3 Basic Ways to Get Rid of Acne On Your Back...

1. Cucumbers - These have long been used in spas and resorts for their skin healing powers, and it's time that we took advantage of this for assisting with treating back acne. You can either make coin size slices and place them onto problems spots OR you can create a paste and apply the paste profusely to your back acne problem areas. Either way, you want to let it sit as long as possible and at least until it's dry. If it dries, it implies that your skin has absorbed the moisture from it, along with the vitamins that help keep your skin tender. If you would like, take a short nap while it dries if you are truly easily bored, and then just wash it off.

2. Tomatoes - Not used as often because they're messy, but still fantastic for getting rid of back acne. Same as with the cucumbers; simply cut a few thin slices or make a paste. In any case, use fresh tomatoes for this! Anything canned will have salt or a preservative integrated, which can irritate your skin far more than the acne does. You solely need one tomato for this, so the next time you are at the market pick one up if you don't keep them at home. However, there is acid in tomatoes, so don't leave the juice or paste on your skin for more than 45 minutes, as this can dry out your skin moderately. As a matter of fact, leave the juice there for less than 15- 20 minutes, and then gently wash it away by using warm water.

3. Honey - In case you have sensitive skin, honey is by far the ideal thing to use for treating your back acne. It helps to increase the softness of your skin, helps prevent your pores from clogging up in the future, and the only way it will irritate your skin is if you are allergic. The only real downside to using honey as an acne removal remedy is that if you place it on your back, it can be difficult to reach and rinse off thoroughly. My advice is to just get in the shower once you want it off -- though there is no "time" restrictions when using honey, so feel free to "wear" it as long as you desire.

As for how to apply these treating back acne procedures easily, here's my trick: just go to your local dollar store and get a back scratcher and some cheap washcloths. Wrap the washcloth around the end of the back scratcher then put on your tomato or cucumber paste (or honey) and stroke onto problem areas. Once you're done, completely rinse the wash cloth and place it through the laundry. In this manner, you won't suffer to much "stretching pain" nor will you dislocate your shoulder when trying to reach those problem acne spots at the center of your back. You could also use this technique with an acne creme or lotion if you need to get rid of acne on your back that way.

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