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Listening To The Great Gatsby Audiobook

The Great Gatsby is a classic literary piece which is commonly read and an integral part of current culture. This book was authored by Fitzgerald and takes the reader through a journey which is riveting and exciting. Due to this books demand and the release of the greatly anticipated movie of the same title, it is now available as an audiobook. The Great Gatsby audio is narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal and enable listeners to feel that they are experiencing an event occurring in the 1920's.

An audiobook is considerably different than a normal book in the way that it takes you into the story and enables you to feel like you are there for the action. The time depicted in The Great Gatsby audiobook is one which is constantly relived and described as nostalgic. Money, groups, gangsters and independence are all common themes of this era that are presented through this audiobook. Although most individuals are familiar with The Great Gatsby and have read it before, the audiobook version makes it seem new and distinct in an indescribable way.

The narrator does an incredible job of telling the story with enthusiasm and diction. Many might think that Gyllenhaal is not fitted to narration, however he produces surprising results. His tone and inflection are outstanding in maintaining interest and adding style to the story. He doesn't talk in a monotone voice and puts expression to each spoken word. Even though audiobooks can sometimes be difficult to follow, this amazing story is ideal for audiobook due to its familiarity. Although this audiobook is created with high quality and a classic story, people who don't like The Great Gatsby will not find it exciting.

If you didn't enjoy the book version the audiobook adds nothing new that can change your mind.

The Great Gatsby is required reading for various schools and this audiobook will just increase the amount of people that become familiar with the story. Listening to these audiobook years after you have read it will help you pick up on various details and experience the excitement all over again. You will gain a whole new understanding for Fitzgerald and his timeless story as you enjoy every spoken word of the book. This is a story that should be told again and again. Therefore, by using Great Gatsby audiobook this is possible.

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