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Lusciously Exquisite Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Obey Your Thirst

Who does not long for a cold strawberry banana smoothie in the summers? The smooth, silky texture, the sweet flavor of strawberries and bananas, as well as feel of frosty, thick liquid draining down our throat. The most desirable thing concerning the smoothie is that it is definitely delicious. The heart shaped strawberries make everyone's taste buds fall in love with. The smooth bananas that newborns chew up so easily just put the right amount of smooth texture to the smoothie. The two fruits go with each other very well that there is no doubt, a festivity in your mouth while you drink it.

Making a strawberry banana smoothie is quite easy. Within just five minutes, you could share it with your family and boast it to your pals at parties or normal occasions.

Following are the ingredients for 4 servings of smoothie:

1) Four sizable strawberries, 5 if medium sized. Fresh or frozen.

2) Six ice or as many as you want.

3) One half cup of milk.

4) One peeled banana. Make sure it's fully ripe and soft.

5) One and a half teaspoon sugar or as you prefer.


1) Place strawberries, milk, sugar, and ice cubes in a blender then blend for 2 minutes or until an even mixture are formed.

2) Place the mixture in long, wide glasses and enjoy.

There are lots of additional ingredients that you may add to make your smoothie even tastier. You can place a teaspoon of vanilla extract for improved flavor or a few scoops of vanilla ice-cream. If you want a nonfat smoothie, use skim milk as well as a sugar substitute. Putting honey can also make it much more delicious and raise sweetness for individuals who possess a sweet taste. To make a more creamy smoothie, you can put half cup of strawberry banana yogurt. Now you can quickly make a lusciously amazing strawberry banana smoothie at your home.

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