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Making A Patchwork Quilt - 3 Pointers For Beginners

Quilting is a fun and exciting hobby which takes some time and effort to accomplish. If you're a beginner, you are likely to get angry with the mistakes that you make, but don't lose hope. Here in this article we have listed out three useful tips on how to make a patchwork quilt. Following these suggestions will definitely help you get the job done in a perfect manner

Tip 1: You Shouldn't Be A Perfectionist, At Least Not Yet Anyways

The most important thing which you need to remember is that your first job may not turn out to be perfect as you are just a newbie. So don't think that you can do everything flawlessly on your first attempt. Your work will demonstrate your current skill and ability. The pattern and the quilting design might reflect your creative skills and personality and the fabrics which you choose also matters a lot. If you make mistakes, appreciate them and learn from your experience and you'll improve progressively along the way. Most newbies get discouraged early on if the outcome is not up to their expectation. You just need to have patience and have fun with the training process

Tip 2: Don't Try Tricky Patterns Prematurely

Many people after noticing an attractive pattern somewhere, get interested in the quilting hobby. You might have similarly seen a beautiful quilt and you wish to make it now. However, you ought to take note that those quilts with intricate patterns take the highest level of skill so it may only frustrate you if you're unable to achieve the task. Thus, a simple pattern that could be easily accomplished is what you should choose on your first attempt. Select easy patterns such as those with squares that can be strip pieced similar to a Log Cabin.

Tip 3: Select the Right Kind of Fabric

When learning how to make a great patchwork quilt, you also have to avoid investing in very costly fabric that you may actually not want to cut later on because it just looks too pretty. As you're still a beginner, you might get scared and worried that you'll only waste the expensive fabric once you cut into it. So, purchase cheap fabric materials in the beginning stages. You can choose costly ones when you have gained enough experience and knowledge in quilting.

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Making A Patchwork Quilt - 3 Pointers For Beginners
Quilting is a fun and exciting hobby which takes some time and effort to accomplish. If you're a beginner, you are likely to get frustrated with the mistakes that you make, but don't lose hope.

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