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Melaleuca Reviews : Can You Succeed With This Health And Wellness Company?

Melaleuca has been around for a while and is most commonly known for providing items for individuals that include Melaleuca oil, also known as tea tree oil. Nevertheless some Melaleuca reviews imply it is a scam. With this Melaleuca review I'll talk about the organization, its merchandise, and compensation plan in order to help you determine if this is a company you can make money with or not.

Oil of Melaleuca was the initial name of the business and at the time the primary products were marketed via the network marketing platform. In 1985 Frank VanderSloot became the owner of the business and made some radical modifications. He helped bring the products produced by the organization in accordance with FDA rules. At that time he also switched the company name to Melaleuca, Inc. He also altered the compensation plan from Multi-level marketing to a consumer direct marketing structure. This modification could have influenced the Melaleuca reviews that described it as a fraud. Today, the organization has yearly sales approaching $860 million dollars and an extremely bigger product line too.

Melaleuca markets many different products in target areas such as nutritional vitamins and supplements, therapeutic products, weight loss, and personal hygiene. Just like many other organizations, Melaleuca reviews their products regularly to provide consumers with the items they desire.

The compensation plan is centered on a 5x7 matrix. This translates to you personally recruiting 5 people, and each of them doing the exact same via 7 levels. To qualify for the commission rate of 7% you need to place a bare minimum order of $50 every month. Is it possible to make money with Melaleuca? Yes, it is possible to generate income with the business. While a few Melaleuca reviews state the business is not an MLM business, the compensation plan looks to be designed with that structure.

The organization has a rather long history and is obviously prosperous provided the sales figures reported by the company. Any Melaleuca reviews declaring that the business is a scam should not be considered at face value. Nonetheless, many who join opportunities like this struggle significantly to build their business and downline to be able to generate income. Individuals who are confident marketing to close friends and family, or have learned online marketing techniques to reach a large audience on the web, will prosper the most with this organization.

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