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My Tips On How To Charm Girls

There are a lot of guys that have difficulties with meeting and getting to know girls because they don't have the faintest idea of how to charm a girl. But if they try to find some good advice and suggestions on how to charm a girl, it really would not be a difficult task. When making an attempt to charm a girl it is important for guys to think about things like how they come upon, how they look and how they converse with them. In this article we are going to look at how to charm a girl by using these factors to your advantage.

My Top 4 Tips On How to Charm Girls...

1. Improved Grooming Routines & Personal Hygiene: Personal grooming is one of the first things that a girl will notice about a guy along with his clothes. No one, male or female, likes a person that looks unclean or that smells unpleasant. Guys who want to charm a girl need to make sure that they are clean and well groomed at all times. Having a bath everyday morning and particularly after sports is very important. Besides having a shower, keeping hair well groomed, trimming fingernails on regular basis and brushing teeth to avoid mouth odor is also very important. If they have a beard,mustache or sideburns they need to be kept trimmed. To smell even better, guys can use the various grooming products such as deodorants, aftershave lotions and mouth wash that are readily available in the market. Paying attention to these things could help a guy to draw the attention of a girl and charm her easily.

2. Dress For Style, Not Comfort: The kind of clothing that guys wear is up to them but there are a couple of things that they need to think about. No matter what type of clothes they choose to wear, the most important consideration is that it should be clean and fresh. Wearing fresh clean clothes after a shower is always a good habit and hence should be given utmost importance. The second thing that needs to be considered is the appropriateness of a guys clothes to the place where he is trying to charm the girl. A suit won't go down well at the beach just like shorts and sandals won't cut it at a fancy restaurant. Wear clothes that fit the place you are going to be.

3. Be Yourself: It is necessary for you to be calm and relaxed if you want to come across well to any new girl that you are meeting. Just be yourself while you are talking to a girl and you are sure to feel comfortable. Putting on airs and trying to imitate some other person will just not work because you are bound to get nervous and create a bad impression. If you are unsure how to act around new girls here are a few tips. Always be courteous and polite. Show some chivalry by paying her compliments and by doing things like opening doors for her and she will certainly be charmed.

4. Talk to Her AND Listen To Her Too: It is essential to talk to a girl correctly if you want to really charm her. Ask her questions about herself and direct the conversation into areas that she is interested in. Make eye contact with her while listening closely to her as she talks so she knows that you are interested in her. Use light humor to flirt with her a bit and pay her some compliments. Make sure that you don't sing your own praises and don't try to create an impression that you are the best.

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