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Normal Causes Of Migraine Headaches - Why You Are Affected

Migraines are acute headaches which are triggered by various factors, most often associated with changes in the body status or surroundings around a person. Migraines are known for their brutal pain and trying to avoid a migraine attack is always better than finding a cure. This might be the reason why those afflicted with migraines are advised to keep a diary of their food intake to make sure they don't eat anything that could be a reason for the condition to get worse.

A lot of people want to know "what causes migraines". Well, the answer could vary from person to person. There are many factors which bring about this problem. One among the main factors is the eating habits of the person. There are innumerable dietary limitations that apply to people struggling with this problem. Seasonings with MSG, diet sodas, nitrate foods present in hot dogs, too much caffeine, excessive indulgence in alcohol, smoked fish, cocoa and milk products could worsen this condition. Dried, canned and fermented foods may also cause a person to be subjected to the brutal pain of migraine.

Instead of searching for answers to what causes migraines, it would be easier to maintain a diary and make observations every time you face this condition. Occasionally variations in the environment or change in time zones or weather conditions could trigger terrible migraines. Even tension and stress could be contributing factors and the same can be said about inadequate sleep and exhaustion too.

Some persons are extremely sensitive to sounds and smells. Even too much exposure to the loud blaring sound of the vehicle horns or loud music at parties can be a migraine trigger. Variations in temperature, bright fluorescent lights, strong fumes, dirt, foul smell and smoke could also cause migraines. Over exertion at work or excessive sexual activities may also lead to this problem.

For ladies, there are far more reasons to wonder what causes migraines. One of the major causative factors for migraines in women is hormonal variations. Women usually experience this problem during menstrual period, menopause and pregnancy when there is fluctuation in the body hormone activity, triggering migraine attacks. Migraine headaches are also prompted, in certain cases, due to medication. Apart from diet pills, medication for asthma, contraception, hormonal replacement, cardiac ailments and blood pressure may also prompt migraine attacks.

Most mobile users complain of chronic migraines. Though not all triggers of migraine could be controlled, we can certainly be cautious about the foodstuff we consume and the medicines we intake. Informing your doctor while they prescribe medications can prove to be a wise thing to do. A healthy diet is absolutely vital for the reason that even a person who is lacking in vitamin D could get severe migraine headaches. Therefore, it is important that you have a good control over the food regimen as well as the level of physical activity levels. Leading a disciplined life is essential, specially for those people who suffer with migraines.

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