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Positives And Negatives Of Nutrisystem Diet Program

People sometimes ask me about the advantages and disadvantages of the nutrisystem diet. I think that people are simply trying to get a balanced view of this plan to know what to actually expect. Most of the people realize that there are going to be a number of pros and cons to any diet plan and they simply wish to be sure that the good outweighs the bad. No diet is perfect. And all diet plans encourage you to change the foods that you eat and your habits. But many diet plans make this process more appealing than others. In this article , I will show what I consider some of the great things and some of the negative points about the Nutrisystem diet plan.

I personally think that the power of this diet program is it's food. It has a lot more choices than the majority of diet programs and it offers comfort type foods that you generally would not associate with diets like burgers, tacos, pizza, nachos, and candy bars. They have both the shelf stable and frozen foods and you're permitted to eat 5 meals per day in order that you do not get as hungry as you might on other diet programs.

The company literature states that most of the people losing weight around 2-3 pounds per week. This could be a careful estimate but even so, it is a great gradual pace that is sustainable, still favors spectacular results with time, and isn't one of those drastic crash diets that simply are not healthy over the long run. I'm more comfortable with a life-style change which does not feel too extreme or unsustainable.

I recently had somebody tell me that the bad thing about Nutrisystem was that "it's not free." I had to reply and ask her what diets were free. She said that a lot of diets simply give you rules and you make your own foods without needing to purchase the plan's special food. Admittedly, you're purchasing the Nutrisystem meals and there is a cost associated with this.

But, if you have ever tried to make your own diet meals, you know that there is a cost there also. Most of the specialty elements that are required are by no means low priced. By the time you pay for groceries and gas, usually, you are actually not saving as much by "doing it yourself" as you might think. I think my time is worth some thing also. If I waste a couple of hours searching for preparing 5 meals per day, then that's time I cannot really get back.

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