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Potato Soup Recipe - Learn How To Make It

Each woman has her own potato soup recipe. What can be much more tasty than soup with fresh veggies and potatoes? This is an extremely healthy dish and not a soul can gain extra weight by eating it.

To make this soup you need:

* 1.2 kilos of potatoes

* 800 grams carrots

* 4 onions

* 200 grams of peas

* 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil

* 1 liter of broth

* 200 ml of cream

* 4 tsp of sour cream

* salt

* pepper

* 2 bay leaves

* parsley

Clean potatoes and carrots thoroughly. Cut potatoes into cubes as well as carrots into slices. Onions should be cut in rounds.

Fry potatoes, carrots and onions in sizzling oil. Then salt and pepper them.

Place veggies in a pan and pour the broth, add the bay leaf and parsley. Simmer the soup over low heat for fifteen minutes. Take it out from the pan 2 tablespoons of vegetables. The other vegetables cook for 10 minutes. Then, take out the bay leaf and parsley. Chop the veggies into the soup to create a cream soup, add cream and mix well. Add green peas to the soup. Cook a couple of minutes on low heat. Salt the dish on your preferences. This potato soup recipe is one of the most common. Sure, you can change the list of ingredients, contribute other spices as well as vegetables. Add a bit of sour cream while serving. Some people like to eat potato soup having garlic or green onions.

Potato soups may be vegetarian, meat, fish, non-fish products from the sea, one potato or with the inclusion of cereals, legumes, pasta, soup filling, etc.

They normally use fat taken from the broth for meat soup. For a vegan soup, you may use, excluding butter, vegetable oil: refined sunflower oil, olive oil or refined crude and also another which has no specific or unpleasant stench. Half of the water in the potato soup can be replaced with sour milk, add it for ten to fifteen minutes before end of cooking.

People use for every potato soups a bay leaf, allspice pepper, paprika or maybe ground pepper bitter. Put them into the soup at the end of cooking, or else they can incorporate it unpleasant bitter taste.

The most important role plays the broth. It must be tasty and healthy. People generally prepare broth with meat and bone. Oftentimes there are used mushrooms. Make experiments and get your own potato soup recipe!

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