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Seven-Seater Passenger Cars Meant For Earning An Income

All of it first started with my father's retiring from the railways, he got a brand new thought to buy passenger vehicles to be utilized as taxis, 7 passenger vehicles to be specific! The duty of picking a perfect passenger motor vehicle was left to me personally.

Three models ended up being finalised, Mahindra Xylo, Toyota Innova and Chevrolet Tavera. All of them were big enough to take up to 7 individuals. Now the most important point on my mind, similar to anybody else who is intending to buy a car for taxi use, was initially mileage, ride comfort, price of spare parts and low maintenance cost.

Innova was the more desirable looking amongst the lot, along with a fantastic quality interior, constructed solid and comfortable, but came at a hefty value, $2000 dollars more than the others. After that arrived Tavera, extremely fuel effective, low on maintenance and dependable, however looked a bit like the mid 90s vehicles.

Mahindra Xylo appeared like a stretched and squashed Scorpio, an SUV from the exact same company, to me. Though it had the most effective leg space and seat comfort among the three, servicing was an issue as there were few service centers in our town.

The Chevrolet Tavera looked a lot more competitive, since it had everything that we were looking for and surprisingly the Chevrolet dealers offered us a huge $3000 discount if we buy one of the 7 passenger vehicles plus the standard three year free support. That was a big all thumbs up to go for Tavera. Tavera was available in seven colors and we bought all our cars in different colors.

The seven passenger vehicles eat up all the space available in the garage and my bike was forced out from there. Even though they are huge passenger vehicle, they act like a small sedan from the driver's point of view. The control and drive-ability they offer is excellent.

The ride on the third row seat is a bit on the bumpy side. The quality of the plastics used on the car are good, but not as good as in the Innova. Now it is almost seven months since we bought these beauties, and they all have clocked more than fifty thousand miles and still hold the smiles on our face.

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