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Strategies Of Eradicating Eye Bags - Five Easy Options

As many people grow older they face the problem of puffy eye bags forming under their eyes and a major factor in eye bag formation is the skin aging. When the skin ages it stretches more easily as it loses its elasticity. It also becomes thinner. A few other unavoidable factors that cause eye bags are allergen hypersensitivity, some kinds of health conditions and heredity. However most of the things which causes eye bags to form are associated with lifestyle and could easily be modified. Quickly getting rid of your eye bags means understanding the causative factors and trying to control them with appropriate measures.

1. Sleep Removes Eye Bags - Lets discuss about one of the obvious reasons for eye bags formation. They can definitely arise from a series of late nights and not getting adequate rest. Your body needs an adequate amount of restful sleep every night to rejuvenate itself otherwise all kinds of skin and health ailments can happen. A regular schedule for going to sleep and getting up must be set and the sleeping area made as conducive to rest as possible. If emotional stress or anxiety are the cause of sleeplessness then relaxation exercises must be tried. Using several pillows to raise the head while sleeping might help to drain away surplus fluids that can cause eye bags.

2. Control Allergies for Removal Of Eye Bags - Allergic reactions to a wide number of things such as factors in the environment, pets and foods could make the eyes red and puffed up from allergic reactions and that can cause puffy eye bags. Getting rid of puffy eye bags if they are brought on by allergic reactions or suspected hypersensitive reactions is a matter of making an appointment to see a medical expert for advice and information. During the visit to the doctor it is an excellent idea to check that the puffiness and under eye dark circles is not caused by medical problems such as kidney or thyroid problems.

3. Eye Bag Reduction with Cold Packs - The application of cold can be an excellent way of removing puffy eye bags quickly. Almost any type of article that has been chilled can be used as an eye pack or cold compress however the traditional folk remedy favorite is chilled cucumber slices placed on the eyes. A few more modern ideas are frozen wash cloths and metal spoons which have been left in the refrigerator overnight. Green tea bags have recently become a preferred form of cold eye compress for the reason that scientists have discovered that green tea includes an ingredient that works as anti-inflammatory and lessens swelling in eye bags.

4. Creams to Reduce Eye Bags - As people age the skin layers lose their flexibility and become over stretched. The texture of the skin also changes with aging and becomes much more thinner. A good way of getting rid of puffy eye bags is to use a lotion, gel or skin cream that has substances included in it that can help to nourish the skin by supplying proteins and also hydrate the skin to make it soft and supple. Collagen is a natural skin protein that the body produces but can be lacking in older skin. Using a skin cream that includes collagen could revitalize the skin layers and make it more supple to minimize the appearance of eye bags. Vitamins K, E and A are antioxidants that encourage collagen production in the skin when used topically in a skin cream.

5. Exercises for Eye Bags - Getting rid of puffy eye bags can also be achieved by the use of a variety of facial exercises specifically designed to tighten the skin and build up muscle tone and also break down the fat lumps that have accumulated under the eyes.

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