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There Are Different Kinds Of CPA Offers

CPA offers are usually classed based upon the action the prospect is required to take. Some actions can be more difficult and call for more effort on the part of the prospective customer, which significantly reduces the likelihood of acquiring a conversion, whereas other offers require minimal action with a higher conversion rate. Obviously, the more challenging the action is the larger the commission payment will be. A few details about the most popular CPA offers are given below

E-mail submits: These are the simplest types of CPA advertising offers that pay a commission for each legitimate email address that is obtained from an ad posted on your sales page. E-mail submits have a really low payout per lead, but since very little is required of the visitor, the conversion rates are generally quite high. Thus, you will make up in volume what you lose in commission level.

Zip submits: These are nearly identical to e-mail submits, except that the visitor is required to submit a legitimate zip code. The commissions are relatively low, but as not much is required of the visitor, the number of conversions can easily counter the lower pay rate.

Short form offers: This kind of offer requires a little more input from prospects than e-mail submits, such as name, address, date of birth and gender. These offers normally do not ask for bank card details and the commission level is usually in the medium range.

Long form CPA offers: These offers require much more information from the lead which generally means lower conversion rates than simple email submits. But, the payment is also more substantial, because people that do convert will eventually become good customers.

Free downloads: These are CPA offers which require the prospect to download a piece of software that is offered for free. The software generally contains some form of advertising, which discreetly promotes the merchant's product. The publisher gets paid for every download of the application. This really is an extremely worthwhile prospect for the publisher, if the right audience is being targeted, simply because the prospect is not required to submit any private particulars.

PIN submits: These are CPA advertising offers that can be applied when targeting mobile phone owners. For example the leads register with their mobile phone number and a PIN is sent to that number, the PIN then needs to be entered so that they can download and install a ring tone.

Free Trials may also be used to allow prospects to test a service or product for a limited time, after which the product will stop working unless it is purchased. Signup bonuses may also be offered to prospects in order to encourage them to complete a transaction after downloading a free trial.

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