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Vehicle Alarm Systems And Alternate Types Of Motor Vehicle Protection Can Bring Welcome Peace Of Mind

When I first got a Viper car alarm, I thought it was pretty cool. I was around 18 years old at that time, and I had been saving and saving to purchase my first sports motor vehicle - looking through periodicals where they advertised used cars and places where they sold used cars. Looking back, it seems like a lame idea. At the time, however, it was a dream made real. I did all I could to keep the vehicle in shape, although it was obviously not "car show" material it was my baby. I waxed it every weekend, I washed it practically every day, I drove slowly and only during the daylight hours, and needless to say I purchased a cutting-edge car alarm system for it.

That car security, in the long term, turned out to be almost useless. Do not misunderstand me - it worked fine. If you would merely touch the car, the car alarm would go off. The problem was that nobody paid any attention to it. People are so used to motor vehicle alarm systems going off that they usually ignore them. I have even seen police officers walk past autos with the alarms going off without giving them a second look. Basically, 9 out of 10 times, it is a false alarm anyway. Why bother.

This is why, despite the new fancy vehicle security system, a thief was able to break into my car and steal it. Apparently, it took him at least 10 minutes. When they found the car a couple of days later, it was entirely trashed. I did not have theft insurance, so that was that. It was a tough lesson, but an important one. First of all, it taught me that sports cars are a lame idea - specifically if you do not live in an incredibly good neighborhood. More importantly, though, It showed me that low-technology car security devices are sometimes the best choice.

Since that time, you see, I have made use of one of those clubs to lock up my car. It isn't electronic, it doesn't trigger an alarm, and it doesn't involve flashing lights or sounding horns. It is, though, very effective. Basically, it takes a specialist locksmith to beat that sort of car security - and it would take him quite a while. You can be sure that, even if somebody breaks into your vehicle, they won't be able to drive off in it. Best of all, car thieves don't even make an effort to steal a car if they see that you have a club. The very best kind of auto security, after all, is the kind of security that makes thieves stay away.

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