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Watch Out For Fish Oil Side Effects While Having An Omega 3 Supplement.

Next to Vitamin C, I suspect having fish oil is the most commonly recommended nutritional supplement in the United States today.

After all fish oil is an excellent method to obtain Omega 3 fatty acids, and despite the names, "fatty" and "Acid" it truly is widely acknowledged that everyone needs them. It is also recognised that most of us usually do not get adequate Omega 3's in our regular diet.

If you were to explore some of the major producers of high efficiency "premium" vitamin product lines you will see they all suggest Omega 3's even if they never produce them themselves.

Omega 3's and also fatty acids have been on the cover of every women's magazine at least once over the past number of years as well. With all this pro Fish oil as well as pro Omega 3's you could possibly wonder why I hesitate to advocate fish oil to my friends.

Surely I do believe in the necessity of Omega 3's but after reading a recent statement called, "What Your Doctor Didn't Let You Know About Fish Oil," I've been a bit more guarded in my nutritional prescriptions for other people.

Fish oils are a source of Omega 3's but the fact is that there can be some issues. Fish oil side effects if you will.

The greatest problem is the fish in the fish oil may be contaminated. Big fish tend to have higher levels of mercury and other serious metals and these tend to get collected in the fish oil.

As such quality companies will always make their fish oil supplements out of smaller fish, whilst profit minded companies will make their fish oil out of the most affordable fish without regard to the potential contamination levels.

That is just one of the issues, but an important one.

In the article I mentioned there are other issues. I have produced a video regarding the fish oil side effects report and would encourage you to see it. It is actually meant as a link to where you can obtain your own free copy of the report so you can decide on how you feel about the side effects of fish oil for your omega 3 requirements.

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