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Wedding Colors For Summer Must Be Inspired By Nature

Summer weddings are well-liked for a many reasons - bright, sunny days, hot weather and amazing evenings underneath starry skies all help make summer the ideal time to get married. Add in the rich variety of summer wedding colors you see in anything from flowers to gowns and then you know the allure to get married during the warmest months of the year.

Select your summer wedding colors depending on a theme. If you're getting a beach wedding; you may go in 2 directions to get colors that capture the flavor of the setting. A beach wedding is casual and relaxed. Because it is all about the sand and surf, think about picking out the cool shades of sea and also sky. A bright sky blue or perhaps turquoise blue is wonderful paired with the deep blue-green of the ocean, and you can utilize a soft champagne color to mirror a sandy beach or maybe the off-white or possibly a sand dollar.

In case you prefer hotter colors, consider a tropical color palette. Hot pink combined with a vivid orange brings up lush flowers, and either one would appear lovely using a green, leaf green or possibly a sunshine yellow. To cool things down a bit, silver is a wonderful contrasting shade that's perfect for summer wedding jewelry and accents.

If you'd like more formal summer shades, think about deep blue. This surprisingly versatile color is the same as a deep, dark night sky and can be highlighted with silver and white for formal style. To get a little more colour, consider adding the softest of greens, like a new leaf, for a fresh look.

Purple is a stunning color for summer wedding that could range from the softest periwinkle towards the deep, lush purple of the orchid. You will find a shade of purple which flatters every skin tone and it is dazzling on its own or combined with a subsidiary shade for extra punch. You may go with a dark purple and couple it using soft lavender or a dusky grey/blue shade for a sophisticated style that will be uniquely yours. Blues and purples together within a bouquet against a white gown are beautiful. Wedding colors for summer must be inspired by nature.

The ultimate choice for your summer is up to you. Just don't overwhelm and keep your focus. Remember, 1 or 2 bold colors balanced by a softer, equivalent shade or perhaps a rich neutral can establish the ideal summer wedding color theme that will accent your day beautifully!

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