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What To Check Out In A Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If you would like to buy large dog kennels there are several features you should always check before making the purchase. In this brief article I will try to cover all of these aspects and help you make the choice best possible. This is not important just to save money, but also to make sure that you are getting the adequate cage - one that will protect your dog and which will help get the job done.

So here are the main things you must look at: the durability of the welds, the construction material, the actual weight of the cage, chew resistance. So let's get into a bit more detail with each of these aspects.

To start with you want to make sure that the heavy duty dog crate is well welded. I know this might be obvious, but the last thing you want is a bunch of heavy pipes glued together in a weak manner. Many lower quality products are unfortunately build in this way. The reason is the high cost of a good weld - it's much simpler to use some cheap screws or simply just a tiny bit of welding material. After all you want to have a heavy duty dog crate, not a light one. So please make sure you check the joints of the cage, the corners, all those places where the pipes meet and make sure they are as sturdy, or perhaps even sturdier than the actual cage bars.

The next feature you should concentrate on is the construction material. The danger here is to look for a light cage and in the process select a crate made of a lower quality material. Steel is what you should aim for and is the only one I recommend. While there certainly are others which would do, steel is the one which has the perfect price-quality balance. On a side note, if you can choose between square and also tubular bars, choose the tubular ones - the reason is that they will protect your dog. If he has a tendency to chew or desperately try to escape he can get seriously hurt in the process if there is anything pointy or sharp in its way. Smooth surfaces like the ones you have with a tubular dog crate are the best in this case.

Lastly, but not the least important aspects are the weight and also the chew resistance. If your dog has 65 pounds you will want a crate which is at least as heavy as the dog. You know how large and heavy your dog is, as well as how powerful and muscular, but make sure you select a cage with the appropriate weight. And of course, make sure there are no parts that can be chewed off (lock, hinges and welds would be some common weak points).

Selecting the right heavy duty dog crates is not a difficult process - you just need to make sure that you take all the necessary precautions and check all those important features. Whilst you might save a few bucks if you make a compromise, you might not only find that your investment gets lost in a matter of weeks or maybe even days, but your dog may also get hurt. So make sure you avoid this and get him the crate he deserves.

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