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What You Need To Discover About GPS Fish Finder Combo

A GPS fish finder combo is a particular sort of fish finder product that combines both the standard features of a fish finder with the functions of a GPS device. GPS means Global Positioning System and is a link to satellites orbiting our planet.

A signal could be sent to the satellite which can pinpoint the exact location of a boat. This info could be saved and if a fisherman at a later time needs to go to a location where he found fish previously, the fish finder GPS can show the exact location to go to. There are two kinds of charting available with fish finder GPS models.

One is known as a chart plotter and the other is often referred to as a track plotter. A chart plotter would take your position coming from the satellite and then superimpose it on top of a map so a person can look at where they are and the place they are going. A track plotter will just save your position, but will not put it on a map. The fisherman must navigate himself to the original point.

A GPS fish finder is not advisable nor are they necessary for beginners. But as soon as an individual becomes competent with fish finders, this type is certainly something to consider. A good mid-price range version would run approximately seven hundred fifty dollars brand new. A very good choice for a fish finder purchase will be the Garmin GPSMAP 441S Dual Frequency Combo.

Not only is the Garmin the finest maker of fish finders, but Garmin is a brand that has been well tested through the years by fishermen. This kind of model has a simple to use interface with a 4 inch 240 x 320 pixel display screen and the unit comes with a built-in, satellite enhanced international basemap. There is also a single SD memory card slot that supports BlueChart Vision cards for enhanced navigation.

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