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Why Do These 4 Natural Therapies For Insomnia Never Work?

If you are in search of a good natural insomnia cure -- one that will basically work -- then you're almost certainly going to want to stay AWAY from the cures outlined below. Even though these supposed natural treatments for insomnia have been employed by many sleep-hungry people, none of them show any serious guarantee when it pertains to curing chronic, or even short-term, insomnia.

Natural Cures for Insomnia That Don't Actually Work...

Herbal Oil: There are two solutions in which you can use herbal oil, in baths and with your pillow. Sadly, the two ways are no more different than the herbal insomnia tea. It is going to help relax you and perhaps make you slightly more fatigued, but it's of little to no use for real insomniacs.

Quick Note: Herbal cures, such as the ones above, are typically regarded to be the best natural treatments for insomnia around. Realistically though, they seldom, if ever, generate pleasing results for chronic insomnia patients.

Herbal Tea: The belief is that drinking a herbal tea -- chamomile, valerian, lavender, passionflower, etc. -- will induce sleep incredibly quick. Though it is true it may help you to relax a bit more, the problem is that you will probably need an entire pitcher or two in order to actually fall asleep fast. It is an okay cure if you've had problem sleeping for the past one or two nights, but it's utterly ineffective for even mild cases of insomnia.

Massages: Nobody turns down a fantastic massage, but that doesn't indicate it's a great remedy for sleeplessness. Yes, a massage is indeed soothing, but deficiency of relaxation is not the major cause of insomnia. The massage could help, but it is not nearly adequate to provide insomnia relief.

Feeding on Turkey or Chicken: The concept behind this treatment is that if you eat turkey or chicken prior to bedtime you'll become really sleepy. Although tryptophan (an amino acid in turkey) is considered to be a natural sedative, you would have to eat a whole turkey for you to get the sleep inducing impact you're seeking.

These natural cures for insomnia -- or so they are called -- are only suitable to help a non-insomniac get better sleep. As for real insomniacs, well, these therapies simply don't pack enough of a punch to even be considered.

Why Do These 4 Natural Therapies For Insomnia Never Work?
If you are in search of a good natural insomnia cure -- one that will basically work -- then you're almost certainly going to want to stay AWAY from the cures outlined below.

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