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Terms of Service


It is a privilege not a right to use Bionic Hits. All members must abide and agree to these terms of service or membership will be revoked, without refunds or reimbursement. Bionic Hits is a family friendly website!


Types of sites not allowed on Bionic Hits:

  • Non-English
  • Pornographic
  • Links or banners pornographic in nature
  • Adult Content
  • Explicit
  • Immoral
  • Racial
  • Political
  • Hate
  • PTP (Paid to Promote)
  • HYIPs or "investment autosurfs". These are illegal in most countries, including the United States.
  • SPAM
  • Auto-Surf Software or Auto-Surfing Techniques
  • Other start or surf pages where the user earns credits
  • Or any other material that may be offensive or unethical.

Site Requirements:

  • Sites must not break out of frames - Websites are automatically checked to make sure that they comply with this requirement. Sites are permitted to have only one pop-up.
  • Rotators are allowed.
  • Confirm that your site loads in less than 8 seconds - sites that take longer than 10 seconds will not be seen by surfers before they click the “next” button.

Other terms and conditions:

  • Users are restricted to one account per computer.
  • NO SPAM, Bionic Hits does not allow bulk unsolicited emailing, or any other method of advertising that is unethical.
  • Any members caught breaking these terms may lose their membership and the right to use this site.
  • By using this site you agree to allow Bionic Hits to send you occasional updates and promotions by email. If you wish to opt out of any mailings and cancel your BionicHits membership, click the link under the "Profile" tab in the member's area. Doing so will also delete all your account information including hit credits earned or purchased, and any downline information.
  • The user uses Bionic Hits at his or her own risk without any obligation to Bionic Hits.
  • The user will not hold Bionic Hits or it owners or management liable for any content or consequence related to using Bionic Hits.
  • The user agrees not to manipulate or access Bionic Hits in anyway that may not be appropriate.
  • The user can not use software or technics to auto-surf or use the site in a fashion that it is not intended.
  • Bionic Hits will do everything in its power to spend earned credits, but we can not guarantee how fast credits will be spent.
  • It is Bionic Hit's right but not obligation to remove accounts, links, etc. That may promote information that is not appropriate.
  • These terms are not limited to this page, the terms and rules may be found here or in other common member's areas. These terms may change or be amended without notice and it is the users responsibility to check these terms often.

Privacy Policy

Bionic Hits will never sell or give out personal information. Bionic Hits collects just necessary information and will only display usernames and websites in public areas. We never sell or give out personal email addresses.

Refund Policy

We do not offer a refund on any credit purchases. Once credits are added to your account, you must assign them to receive traffic or convert them for banner and/or text link impressions. We do not offer refunds on any purchases nor do we guarantee the success of any advertising campaign in place at BionicHits.